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The secret to scaling sales
Calculating quantities and costs for optimum sales success

Process Controls 3
You read our first article on process controls and found it very pedestrian and boring.  The information was totally beneath you. (Just kidding, hopefully!)  But if you’re ready to learn about process controls from a more academic, and slightly more advanced, perspective, you’re in the right place. As you... Read More...
Process Variability
Everyone knows what Process Variability is and what causes it. Just kidding.  Most people don’t.  But they should if they’re running any kind of making/manufacturing/producing business. Process Variability: Manufacturers’ Nemesis Yeah, honestly, life would be a lot easier without process variability.   Process variability is just what it sounds like:... Read More...
Process Controls
Yes, the name “Process Controls” sounds like a boring topic… But it can save you time, money, and aggravation. That’s not boring, now, is it?? It’s not. Here’s why Process Controls are important: everything on earth has inherent variation. It’s just a matter of statistics. Sound a little abstract? ... Read More...
Traceability in Manufacturing
You don’t care about traceability in manufacturing! Because as a small manufacturer (or Maker or Entrepreneur or whatever you call yourself!) you’re busy enough making good products and getting people to buy them.   But (and of course, there’s a but!) that’s something you may want to change.  See, traceability... Read More...
Is-Is Not
You’re committed to improving your manufacturing process.  Because you take pride in your business and you want to deliver a high-quality product while making solid profits.  And if you’re a regular PCat reader, you know that the best way to do that involves root-cause analysis for any manufacturing defects... Read More...
Fishbone Diagram
Yes, it’s true. Ishikawa’s Fishbone Diagram is a crucial tool for any making or manufacturing business!   As a small business owner, you know that quality assurance is vital for making a good impression on your customers.  And if you’re a regular PCat reader, you also know that improving your... Read More...
Profitability part 2: running the numbers!
Everybody knows that your profits are your income minus your expenses. But did you know that there’s an often-overlooked way to increase your profitability without raising your prices or sacrificing quality? Profitability increases with Yield! Yes, yield!  If you read our last article, you know that yield is the... Read More...


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