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Business Structures
Yes, it’s a topic that’s a little on the dry side. But how you structure your business (in the legal sense) is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make as a business owner. And it’s also a decision that you may choose to re-evaluate over time as... Read More...
Six Sigma
You as a manufacturer (or entrepreneur or craft business owner or whatever you like to call yourself) have probably heard of Lean Manufacturing and wondered if it’s an idea that has value for your business. And if you’re a regular here at Zattatat, you know from reading some of... Read More...


Meet the characters with the skills & Zattatudes who can help engineer your manufacturing success

Princess Capybara

Age: 35

Background: Biotech

Current Gig: Mold-Making

Zattatude: Seeks to geek out with the top tech she knows best


Age: 44

Background: Accounting

Current Gig: Baking

Zattatude: Lives to figure out how everything in life adds up

Process Cat

Age: Timeless

Background: Manufacturing

Current Gig: Helping People

Zattatude: Loves to teach others how to scale up their businesses


Age: 53

Background: Nursing

Current Gig: Woodworking

Zattatude: Celebrates ditching her bureaucratic hospital job for her hands-on craft business