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Special Note on Automation
Everybody knows that automation can be a useful strategy in scaling up a manufacturing operation.  But did you know that there’s one easy-to-make mistake that can cause you to waste time and money when you’re doing that automation? Princess Capybara didn’t know at first… If you’re a regular Zattatat... Read More...
Ways of Making Things 4: Types of 3D Printing
You know that there are plenty of manufacturing technologies out there besides 3D printing, and that its reputation probably benefits at least a little bit from having such a cool name… But you probably also realize that as an entrepreneur, small-scale manufacturer, (or creator, inventor, or whatever you call... Read More...
Ways to Make Things Part 3 – Sheet Metal Forming
You’re on board* with learning about the most common manufacturing technologies.  Because you’re a small business owner (or a maker or manufacturer or craftsperson or whatever you call yourself!)  And although you may already have processes for making your products, you know that there is value in learning what... Read More...
Manufacturing Technologies Part 2: Casting
Casting: an ancient and modern manufacturing technology Everybody knows that casting is the hot new technology taking the media by a storm! … Actually no, that would be Artificial Intelligence, or in the manufacturing world, probably 3D printing.   But casting is a very important manufacturing technology, and one that... Read More...
Manufacturing Technologies Part 1
Intro to manufacturing technologies You’re already confident making things and selling them.  Because you’re a maker, manufacturer, entrepreneur, creator, or whatever you choose to call yourself.  But have you ever hesitated when you had an idea for a new product, because you realized you weren’t 100% sure about the... Read More...
Robotics: Your Easy Introduction
You know that automation is important to understand as you start to scale your Maker business.  Now, let’s do an easy crash course in robotics.  You may or may not end up using robotics in your manufacturing business (your business, your decision!), but you can’t make an informed decision... Read More...


Meet the characters with the skills & Zattatudes who can help engineer your manufacturing success

Princess Capybara

Age: 35

Background: Biotech

Current Gig: Mold-Making

Zattatude: Seeks to geek out with the top tech she knows best


Age: 44

Background: Accounting

Current Gig: Baking

Zattatude: Lives to figure out how everything in life adds up

Process Cat

Age: Timeless

Background: Manufacturing

Current Gig: Helping People

Zattatude: Loves to teach others how to scale up their businesses


Age: 53

Background: Nursing

Current Gig: Woodworking

Zattatude: Celebrates ditching her bureaucratic hospital job for her hands-on craft business