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Prevent Ergonomics Problems
Yes, you’ll be much happier if you prevent ergonomics problems BEFORE they bring down your manufacturing line! See, manufacturing ergonomics can be tricky. For common activities like desk work, ergonomics has been widely studied.  But the ergonomics of manufacturing processes are usually not as well known. This can lead... Read More...
Product Life Cycle
Your small manufacturing business is doing well!  You’re making things people want and selling them at a profit! But something is nagging at the back of your mind.*  Is your manufacturing process as environmentally conscious as it can be? Everybody knows that making real products in the physical world... Read More...
Let’s Talk About Sustainable Manufacturing
You want to make things. You want to sell things.  But you don’t want to be responsible for environmental devastation.  So what’s a regular small business owner to do? Consider Sustainable Manufacturing Everybody knows that making things has SOME environmental cost.  But the majority of that cost comes from... Read More...
Let’s Talk Emergency Safety
Having A Plan For Safety You know how important it is to have safety and ergonomics plans in place early on in building your manufacturing line.  (If you don’t?  Start with our last article.)  Anyway, what do you actually DO when you suddenly realize you’re at the point where... Read More...
Safety and Ergonomics in Maker Businesses
Gary is worried about getting sued because a worker at his factory got injured! Don’t be like Gary.   If you’re a regular PCat reader, you know that Gary was an accountant who started a side business making baked goods.  And you also know that recently, Gary inherited some money... Read More...


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