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The Toyota Way
If you’re a regular here at Zattatat, you know that we mainly stick to advice on operations, and even more specifically, manufacturing.  But sometimes it’s useful (or even necessary!) to step back and look at the institutional context that’s required for a given manufacturing practice to succeed. No surprises... Read More...
Toyota Production System
Yes, the Toyota Production System (TPS) was invented by the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota, which is now a multinational conglomerate.  But it’s relevant to your small- or medium-sized business too!   See, TPS is just one of many different models for Lean Manufacturing.  And while lean isn’t the best approach... Read More...
Using Basic Science Research
You understand the importance of doing experiments when you need to figure out something for your making or manufacturing process.  But did you know that sometimes (even often), you can save a LOT of time and money by taking advantage of research that’s already been done? And you can... Read More...
Is-Is Not
You’re committed to improving your manufacturing process.  Because you take pride in your business and you want to deliver a high-quality product while making solid profits.  And if you’re a regular PCat reader, you know that the best way to do that involves root-cause analysis for any manufacturing defects... Read More...
Fishbone Diagram
Yes, it’s true. Ishikawa’s Fishbone Diagram is a crucial tool for any making or manufacturing business!   As a small business owner, you know that quality assurance is vital for making a good impression on your customers.  And if you’re a regular PCat reader, you also know that improving your... Read More...
Process Cat Q&A!
Ever wondered what other Maker/Manufacturer Entrepreneurs are working on?  What they’re struggling with?  What questions they have?  Well lucky for you, Process Cat decided to invite his friends over to drink coffee and read letters from people around the world!   Princess Capybara reads the first letter Hi Process Cat!... Read More...
Let’s Learn About Proof of Concept Experiments
Your product is amazing and you want to make it even better!  (Or it currently doesn’t even work but you know it can be great so you’re trying desperately to improve it…)  Either way, you know that experiments can help you determine which things in your manufacturing process actually... Read More...
Let’s Talk About Multifactor Experiments
  You know that experiments are important for making good decisions in your Maker business.   You know that experiments need to test one factor at a time in order to give you useful information.   You know that you need to use a large enough sample size and only think... Read More...


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Princess Capybara

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Background: Manufacturing

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Background: Nursing

Current Gig: Woodworking

Zattatude: Celebrates ditching her bureaucratic hospital job for her hands-on craft business