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Keeping orders in order
Building the systems and relationships that keep products moving

Have you heard the term “reshoring” recently and wondered what it was? We’ll cover it now! Reshoring is an idea that’s getting discussed a lot these days in manufacturing circles. Before we talk about reshoring it’s helpful to understand some related terms OFFSHORING AND OUTSOURCING Offshoring is moving manufacturing... Read More...
Core Competencies
You’ve never struggled with deciding what to delegate and what to do yourself. … Wait a minute, you HAVE???? Don’t worry, you’re not alone 🙂 Here at Process Cat, we encourage DIY-ing manufacturing for companies of all sizes. But, not even the most dedicated Maker or do-it-yourselfer could completely... Read More...
Demand Forecasting
You know that having the RIGHT amount of inventory is crucial to your business success.  But how do you know exactly what the right amount is???  Enter Demand Forecasting Demand forecasting is just what it sounds like: predicting how much demand (how many sales) there will be for each... Read More...
You run a small manufacturing business.  Or maybe you think of yourself as more of a Maker business owner or a Craftsperson.  Anyway, you make things and sell them.  But how do you know how many to make???? When you first started out, the answer was probably, “Ummm… some?”... Read More...
Picking The Right Contract Manufacturer
Here at Process Cat we usually talk about ways to improve your own manufacturing, but everybody sometimes decides outsourcing certain items is the right choice! If you’re wondering how to make that determination, check out this article on core competencies! Anyway, once you’ve decided that you’re going to use... Read More...
New Thinking About Supply Chains
Everyone has been talking about supply chains recently – with good reason!  Supply chain management is an important topic for making and manufacturing businesses of all sizes. Rhonda started reading about supply chains. If you’re a regular Process Cat reader, you know that Rhonda is a retired nurse who... Read More...
What are Supply Chains?
You’ve heard about supply chains. You know they must be important (and they are!)  But if you never quite understood exactly what they were?  You’re in good company. Rhonda didn’t know what supply chains were. If you’re a regular PCat reader, you know that Rhonda is a retired nurse who... Read More...


Meet the characters with the skills & Zattatudes who can help engineer your manufacturing success

Princess Capybara

Age: 35

Background: Biotech

Current Gig: Mold-Making

Zattatude: Seeks to geek out with the top tech she knows best


Age: 44

Background: Accounting

Current Gig: Baking

Zattatude: Lives to figure out how everything in life adds up

Process Cat

Age: Timeless

Background: Manufacturing

Current Gig: Helping People

Zattatude: Loves to teach others how to scale up their businesses


Age: 53

Background: Nursing

Current Gig: Woodworking

Zattatude: Celebrates ditching her bureaucratic hospital job for her hands-on craft business